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The contents and accreditation MBA

To this day, the MBA (Master of business administration) is one of the most highly sought after and prestigious master's degree in the field of business and management, which greatly expands career and financial horizons of the graduates of this program. To obtain an MBA without previous education in the field of business, since the main purpose of MBA program is to prepare professionals from all industry sectors, for management work.

The types and content of MBA programs

In the vast majority of cases for British MBA trained professionals with not less than 2 (on average, 5 or more) years of work experience in managerial positions.

All MBA programs provide students with General knowledge in various fields of business – accounting, business, General or financial management, marketing, organizational behavior, human resource management, information technology, business strategies (General MBA). However, the British universities offer more specialized MBAs, designed to prepare highly qualified branch managers (e.g., MBA in tourism, sports, museums, healthcare, etc.).

Special programs developed for existing senior executives, who are studying without discontinuing work. Often their studies are paid by the employer is interested in purchase of employee knowledge and skills that can immediately be applied in solving current problems of the company (Executive MBA). The standard duration of these programmes is 2 years. Students of EMBA programs have more experience than students in the MBA - an average of 12 years. The average age of EMBA students is 36 years.

Form learning MBA programs

By learning MBA programs are divided into full-time, modular and distance.

The duration for full-time MBA in the UK in most cases is 1 year, which makes it extremely rich and intense, also helps save a lot of money needed to pay for tuition and accommodation. The two-year British MBA allow you to get the necessary form to the student specialization through a wide array of subjects studied in the 2nd year of study and take the courses in other universities in the UK or abroad (e.g. USA). Summer internships in leading global companies are a great start for a career, as in the case of a successful internship and graduation, companies often invite their interns a permanent job.

Remote programs last from 3 to 5 years. Training in the modularx programs only open to residents of the UK and the EU.

The quality of MBA programs: rankings and sending organizations

MBA is synonymous with quality, however not all institutions offer programs that meet modern standards. That is why future students, choosing a business school, you need to know about her repucci and the quality of education being offered. Important information and assistance in the initial stages of selection provide ratings of business schools and their programs, the most authoritative of them are: The Economist, The Financial Times, Forbes, BuisnessWeek, QS (Quacquarelli Symonds).

Appearing much earlier than in Europe, MBA programs North American business schools have traditionally occupied the leading positions in prestigious international rankings, Which, however, is not evidence princile of a different quality obtained in the United States of education or of the higher demand for graduates of American MBA in the labor market. There are quite noticeable differences between British and American educational systems, so the choice in favor of one of them should be done on the totality important for You criteria.

In the world there are three authoritative specialized organization that monitors the quality of MBA programs:

  • American Association for the development of University business schools (AACSB);
  • The European system of improvement of quality (EQUIS);
  • The British Association of MBAs (AMBA).

Triple accreditation is the best school in the world

Triple accreditation means that the business school was accredited by three associations listed above. It is the most reliable way to assess the work of business schools. Of the more than four hundred business schools in the world, only 48 (less than 1%) are triple accredited and have the title of the best business schools in the world.

Admission to the MBA program

Standard entry requirements for the MBA program include:

- recognized diploma about the first higher education degree not lower than bachelor's degree (or equivalent) with excellent or good grades;

- IELTS not lower than 6-7 points, although some schools require higher grades. If an oral interview will reveal the suitable candidate language difficulties, the school will offer him before the start of the program to attend for several weeks of language lessons;

certificate GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) of 550 to 800 points, depending on the school. Remember that a high GMAT score does not always play a decisive role when considering Your candidacy. And the students planning to study in 2013, the first will face a serious test - GMAT new generation;

- work experience of 4 years. Despite the fact that a number of British schools accepts candidates with less experience or even do not have to rely on the fact that this University has the accreditation of AMBA or high places in the rankings, is not necessary.

- recommendation letter from previous academic supervisor and the employer.


Along with the package of documents sent to the candidates selected business school essay and motivation letter, which should be approached very carefully and responsibly. In some cases, applicants undergo a personal interview.


Detailed information on admissions requirements can be found on the website You are interested in business school.

The filing deadlines and enrollment

In most business school classes begin in September and applications for the next school year usually ends in may. However, applicants are strongly encouraged to prepare and submit documents for admission and scholarship as early as possible, since colleges and scholarship committees to select suitable candidates upon receipt of their applications. Also try to pass the GMAT no later than March. Remember that the exam can be a queue, and for receiving and sending results to universities takes time.


Tip: the number of universities where you can apply, no restrictions. But still to find the Golden mean between the desire to increase the chances of being accepted and applied effort, it is recommended to apply not more than 2-3 University because the requirements of the schools and their vision of the ideal candidate may vary significantly.

Prepared according to materials of: Association of MBA's, Executive MBA Council.