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program MBA majoring in "corporate management"

In English there is the concept of corporate governance, which is not quite accurately translated into Russian as “management”. Most days it is “corporate governance”, that is everything related to private companies, their organization and activities.

Corporate governance - what is it?

If we imagine that the firm is a mini - state, corporate managers, it's bureaucrats, Ministers and executives. Therefore, MBA programs in this area is focused on issues such as studying the internal structure and interaction in the company, the role and tasks of non-Executive Directors (Non-Executive Directors), Board members, management of subsidiaries, the role and importance of shareholders, risk management, and corporate social responsibility. Another name for directions, which hides under the same educational process - business and business administration (Business Administration).

Typically, business schools offer to study the following subjects in the direction of “corporate management”:

  • Corporate administration
  • Corporate support
  • Law, civil law
  • Operations management
  • Behavioral analysis
  • Economy management
  • Quantitative methods
  • Information technology in corporations
  • Financial information and financial control
  • Methods of business research

Who become graduates of business schools on corporate governance?

This trend was born recently. The creation of the first MBA in the U.S. occurred due to the rapid growth and internationalisation of companies later this trend was captured and Europe. In addition, many firms have foreign accounts, with the purpose of tax optimization, therefore, often ranked business school-corporate governance located in the classic offshore zones, notably, Cyprus.

As a rule, the companies that employ graduates of MBA in this area, I suggest the following posts:

Advisor to the Board. Managers and owners of the company - the latter in particular - as a rule, do not do micromanagement, but the nuances of organizational hierarchy at the firm and did escape their attention. Therefore, the responsibility of the Advisor to the Board includes the study of all strategies and documents sent to and received from the Directors, sound recommendations and advice in General. Therefore, the key skills are excellent knowledge of management theory, characteristics of the company and broad erudition.

Corporate coordinator. Such a position often associated with secretarial work that is fundamentally wrong: the coordinator is the “engine” of the company's activities, leads to the movement of staff, sets goals and ensures that unit provided the maximum synergistic effect. So the MBA graduate gets in this area is required, primarily initiative, enthusiasm and excellent knowledge of the legal realities.

Corporate compliance analyst. Compliance within the firm is the only mandatory feedback mechanism is through the accountability of individuals and departments are aware of the responsibility entrusted to them by corporate strategy and tactics. The tasks of the compliance analyst, respectively, are supervision, analysis, rapid response to crisis situations. Another feature of a profession is that compliance analyst, in fact, it is the last line of defense of the company, the person who ensures that all functioned in accordance with the objectives and internal regulations.