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Recruitment to MBA programmes at Coventry University - April 2015

The London campus of Coventry University continues to set the MBA program with the start of training already in April 2015!

Please note that the MBA program of Coventry University You can do with a bachelor's degree (master's degree to be optional) and no work experience!

Coventry University offers the following MBA programs with start training in April 2015:

The London campus of Coventry University is located in the capital of the United Kingdom – the global financial and trade center. Living and studying in London – a great opportunity to join a dynamic environment of one of the most attractive cities of the planet.

Some facts about the London campus of Coventry University:

  • takes 27th place in the ranking of universities in the UK;
  • 94% of graduates are employed or continue their education;
  • located in the heart of London;
  • for admission to the program does not require experience;
  • during training, guaranteed internship, or participate in real-world business project;
  • lectures by renowned professionals;
  • excellent high-tech infrastructure.

For those who apply before March 2, 2015, is valid for discount of £500.

Also a discount of £500 available to graduates of Coventry University and those students, who pays full tuition at the beginning of the school year (April 2015).

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