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Bolashak scholarship for citizens of Kazakhstan

Scholarship Bolashak program allows citizens of Kazakhstan to study in the best universities of the world at the expense of the state budget. The program has existed since 1993 with the support of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and is directed on training of personnel in areas of priority to the development of the country.

In the framework of the "Bolashak" provides funding for training of Kazakhstan citizens in a magistracy, postgraduate study and doctoral studies at leading foreign universities, as well as financing short-term internships.

>> List of universities approved by Bolashak

The category of applicants for the Bolashak scholarship

  1. Category entered (one of the recommended universities for the training programme one of the priority specialties)
  2. The category of public servants
  3. Category of scientific and pedagogical workers
  4. Category graduates
  5. Category of cultural workers and creative workers
  6. Category of media workers
  7. Category of applicants for internships

Applicants of the categories admitted by the time of filing applications for participation in competition on award of the scholarship should already have on hand a proposal for unconditional admission to the University.

The order of the competition for the Bolashak scholarship

  1. The definition of the category (one of the seven listed above) that You belong to
  2. Read the entrance requirements and to gather required documents for submission to the contest
  3. Upon successful reception of a package of documents, the candidate goes through the stages of competitive selection (test of English as a foreign language, test of knowledge of the Kazakh language, psychological test and interview)
  4. Upon successful completion of all stages of selection, You become the proud owner of "Bolashak"scholarship.

Scholarship holders "Bolashak" is paid not only training, but monthly paid the stipend covers the costs of accommodation and meals. Read more about the conditions of funding and reporting forms can be found on the official website of the project.

After graduation, fellows must return to Kazakhstan and apply for work. A compulsory period of practice in one of the companies of the Republic of Kazakhstan is 3-5 years depending on program of study.

Popular universities in England among the candidates for the scholarship "Bolashak":

  • Loughborough University ( Finance)
  • University of York ( Archaeology)
  • University of Reading ( Agriculture and forestry)
  • University of East Anglia (in the direction of the Sciences of development)
  • University of Surrey (in the direction of the Restaurant business and hotel business)
  • King's College London (one of the leading universities of the programme)

  • Submit requests to the top universities in England directly and ask about your chances for admission!

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    >> Official website of the scholarship program "Bolashak"


    Reception of documents for "Bolashak" scholarship 2017: what has changed?

    Reception of documents for "Bolashak" scholarship 2017: what has changed?

    Become aware of the filing deadlines for the scholarship "Bolashak" in Kazakhstan, and what changes have affected the competitive selection...


    Bolashak scholarship: list of approved universities

    Bolashak scholarship: list of approved universities

    The Bolashak scholarship of the President of Kazakhstan. See list of approved universities