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List of universities in UK, study in which you can get grant from the Government of the Russian Federation in 2014-2016

Citizens of Russia, gained a place in the following UK universities for graduate programs and graduate studies approved list of specialties in the years 2014-16 will be presented, will be able to obtain a grant of the Government of the Russian Federation, on the basis of the Decision on the financing of studies of Russians in foreign universities.

The name of the University The Ranking By The Complete University Guide 2017
University of Cambridge (University of Cambridge) 1
University of Oxford (University of Oxford) 2
London school of Economics and political science (LSE) 3
Imperial College London (Imperial College London) 4
University St Andrews (University of St. Andrews) 5
Durham University (Durham University) 6
University of Warwick (University of Warwick) 8
Lancaster University (Lancaster University) 9
University College London (UCL - University College London) 10
University of Exeter (University of Exeter) 13
The University of East Anglia (University of East Anglia) 14
University of Leeds (University of Leeds) 16
The University of Southampton (University of Southampton) 17
University of Sussex (University of Sussex) 18
The University of Edinburgh (University of Edinburgh) 19
University of York (University of York) 20

King's College London (King's College London)

University of Nottingham (University of Nottingham) 21
University of Bristol (University of Bristol) 24
The University of Manchester (University of Manchester) 25
The University Of Newcastle (Newcastle University) 25
University of Sheffield (University of Sheffield) 27
The University of reading (University of Reading) 27
University of Glasgow (University of Glasgow) 29
University of London Queen Mary (Queen Mary London) 31
University of Leicester (University of Leicester) 32
Queen's University Belfast (Queen's University Belfast) 35
University of Dundee (University of Dundee) 35
Cardiff University (Cardiff University) 35
Royal Holloway (Royal Holloway, University of London) 37
University of Liverpool (University of Liverpool) 38
The University of Aberdeen (University of Aberdeen) 42

* This table presents the ranking of universities in accordance with the ranking by The Complete University Guide.

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