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Excellent results of cooperation between the University of Exeter, the met office UK

Research conducted by the University of Exeter in cooperation with the Meteorological centre, UK (Met Office) valued at more than £ 30 million. Exeter ranks 10th in the ranking of British universities and is a leading research University in the country.

University of Exeter, continues to study the world's climate , together with the Meteorological centre of the UK, which began in November 2010. This research aims to improve weather prediction models and climate and are associated with the solution of the key global environmental problems, the range of which is from approaches to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in China models to predict hurricanes. The reputation of the researchers from the University of Exeter is so high that 12 of them are selected as the main participants in the development of the full report about global climate change, known as "the Fifth Report of the intergovernmental panel on Climate Change"

As a result of this successful partnership teaching subjects related to climate or geography at Exeter University at a very high level. In addition, the University attracts a lot of grants for conducting research. Deputy Dean of the University confirms that : "the Reputation of Exeter in the area of research climate change is constantly growing. Fame allows our scientists to attract funding from various sources to continue these works." Among the agencies that Fund these studies - the European Commission and the Ministry of Education of England.

Source: websites of the University of Exeter and Met Office

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