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Two systems of evaluation of the success of students in Oxford Brookes

The Oxford Brookes University decided to apply the American system of evaluation of knowledge of students system-GPA (grade-point average, GPA) that will be used along with the traditional English method of (honours degree). This experiment is conducted in high school in the UK for the first time.

The success of students starting to study in September 2013, will be assessed simultaneously by two systems - the us, which is the formation of the average value of all estimates obtained for the entire period of study, and traditional English, which evaluates the results of student work over the past year of study. Oxford Brookes is the first of the twelve universities, which began to explore in 2011, the options for reforming the assessment of diplomas to enter the system average GPA. Other members of this group, including University College London (UCL), continue to explore the feasibility of using estimates of this type.

In accordance with the new approach, the graduates of Brooks will receive diplomas with the assessment of the achievements on both systems: assessment of the GPA in the form of numbers with one decimal place (where 4.0 is the highest), as well as a traditional English degree differences, which are more familiar to the English employers.

The use of both systems will allow students to benefit from both approaches. The academic Council of the University Brooks approved the introduction of the new system on 12th February 2013. In addition to streamlined five-level system differences, this will require continuous recording of all results obtained by the student during training. The American system will allow students to get grades for the modular diplomas (diplomas, which are divided into modules, each with a separate exam), which did not exist two hundred years ago when it developed the English system of degrees of difference. The preservation of the existing English system of classification of diplomas, which is based mainly on the final work, leaves students the freedom to experiment with items during the first two years. The hybrid system is "friendly" to foreign students , easing the transition in a British University, because the American system is widely used throughout the world, including in many universities of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Source: the Times higher education guide, Jack Grove.