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Imperial College has invested one billion pounds in the construction of the new campus

Imperial College will open a large new campus by 2015, in North-West London (near White City). Imperial College is one of the best natural science universities in the world.

The rector of the College – Sir Kaso, Nions (KeithO'Nions), said the College is planning to build not just a campus, but to unite it with the scientific center for interdisciplinary studies, graduate work and commercialization of the ideas, including the means to accommodate startup companies founded by University graduates. The creation of such a campus and research center is the first project of its kind in the UK. This project is similar to research center Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which is the "basis" for international businesses and companies founded by graduates of the Institute.

The campus will consist of residential housing, which is almost ready and can accommodate more than 600 postgraduate students and researchers of the two centers for research labs, clinics, shops, sports facilities and Park. The College administration and the project managers set themselves the goal of making the campus culturally attractive and in harmony with the existing neighborhood in South Kensington.

It is planned to open new campus and research center in early 2015.

Source: Times Higher Education, Elizabeth Gibney

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