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StudentFunder is a revolutionary new way to find funds to pay for the education through collective financing. StudentFunder allows students seeking loans and scholarships, get financial assistance from regular people willing to donations of this kind. The StudentFunder platform can be used with Nov 2012.

The current economic climate, privodit to the fact that the number of scholarships, grants and allowances for students falling sharply, while the number of people wishing to get them growing. Many banks are tightening the requirements for obtaining student loans. All of this complicates the search for funding for Russian students wishing to study abroad. The funding shortfall is even more acute for those entering the magistracy. This problem is typical not only for Britain but for other countries; including USA, Mexico, Spain and Brazil.

StudentFunder provides a new solution for student Finance. Juan Guerra (Juan Guerra), has launched the platform, based on its experience of funding for education. Juan couldn't find them in the usual ways and in uchanie sent a letter requesting the help of all his friends. The result was completely unexpected – friends helped him with money and offer a convenient work while studying! Creating StudentFunder Juan helps other students who are now in a position to get funds for their education using a similar technique, using the good will of everyone.

StudentFunder is raising money to pay for higher education in the UK and is much more effective for those who want to learn it, compared to other similar platforms for collective financing. The advantage of this platform is that it makes directly to students in need of funds and donors who want to donate for this purpose.

It is obvious that crowd funding has the added benefits of involving a wide network of donors. In addition, it allows you to make new friends without the awkwardness of the process of seeking help.

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