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Simplification of the procedure of admission of students to the University of Essex

English at the University of Essex, included in the 20 best young universities in the world, has approved new rules for admission of students to master's. Now for admission will be required two, and one academic recommendation letter. And the students who graduated five years ago and earlier, will be able to present the recommendation from the work place.

Prior to this reform, for admission to the master's degree from the University of Essex needed two recommendations, both of which had to be from the previous study. It was believed that recommendations will be received from professors who know the academic ability of the applicant and confirming that it is suitable for the chosen course. For many foreign students find it difficult to obtain such advice, especially if they worked for a long period of time after the completion of the University. As a result of this simplification, many talented students who have not decided to apply for a program of graduate studies at the University of Essex, will be able to act with greater confidence, regardless of their country or age.

Tim Hutsell (Tim Gutsell), Director of the international Department of the University of Essex, has kindly informed us about this convenient innovation for international students: "from Now on to apply to a master's degree from the University of Essex requires a recommendation (not two). This should facilitate the admission to the master for working and foreigners."

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