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As a foreign student to spend the winter holidays in the UK

Those students of British universities who can't leave on a winter vacation home, usually remain in empty residences where they are lonely and bored. The company HostUK for over 25 years helps these students find English families willing to receive students for the duration of the vacation.

The solution proposed by the company HostUK, the student brings a double benefit – it saves money and gets the opportunity to get acquainted with the national culture of Britain. Margaret Stephens, who has been with the company since its inception, says that the students, first left on winter vacation in the UK, was surprised that for Christmas shops and transport, including metro and railway.

Accommodation in host families for foreign students opens the possibility of cultural exchange for both parties. "You learn a lot about other countries, their culture and events that happen there," says one of the founders of the company John lever. "Sometimes I think I know what happens in other countries better than the employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in any case, judging by their TV performances"

Approximately 1600 families in the UK regularly take students on a winter vacation. In the last decade as the overall growth in the number of foreign students and those who use this service. In order that the family environment was less formal, usually invite two students. Many of them formed lasting friendships. The majority of volunteers participating in this scheme is couples over 55 years old, but there are families with young children.

Source: newspaper the independent, Richard garner

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