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Who could work the British student?

Of course, a part time job during study will not cover all the living expenses, but still many students it is difficult to do without it. The money came not from the family, and they are not required to report. And employers are ceteris paribus likely will prefer the candidate with seniority, even if obtained in another profession than the applicant, such not having.

Consider the pros and cons of the most typical student jobs.

Representatives of the companies and brand managers on campus

Large companies, including Apple and Reckitt Benckiser (brands Clearasil and Strepsils), banks, legal and accounting firms hire students, representing them on campus. The work is confined mostly to putting up posters, holding events and advertising the class services of the company.


Legal and accounting firms Usually pay a fixed amount of about £ 200 a year. Brand managers can expect £ 7 per hour, working 10 hours a week.


High competition for this job.

Web designer, web master, blogger

Assisting individuals and organizations in creating or designing the website, blogging and working with social networks.


Depends on your level of training and the solvency of the customer. Can reach up to 200-300 pounds per month.


Search of the customer.

Sign up on the website www.studentgems.com designed to help job-seekers students.

Specialist of sales Department

Introduce a new product to market or become a distributor and make sales.


Depends on your skills.


The job requires a lot of time.

Physical labor

Ready to work as a janitor, a house painter, a gardener or a porter? Such proposals are more than enough.


7.50- £ 12 per hour depending on the type of work.


You will be working, usually outdoors in any year. The work will take a very long time, which wouldn't stay in communication with family and friends.

Mystery shopper

For starters, sign up to agencies providing such services, for example in Retail Eyes, Tern or Grass Roots. You will have to do the work mystery shopper in various trade and service organizations – from restaurants and hotels to fitness centers, and shops.


Short trips are paid at the rate of 5 pounds, long – up to 100 pounds. Sometimes you can get extra benefit in the form of a discount card to the fitness center or free lunch in the restaurant.


Takes too much time.

Prepared according to the newspaper 'The Guardian"