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Program of the University of Greenwich with paid internship

The University of Greenwich (University of Greenwich) - London University - is located on the banks of the river Thames on campus, which is listed in the world heritage list of UNESCO.

In addition to the unique location, the University has many other advantages: Greenwich holds the first place in the UK for the past 5 years in the category of "student Satisfaction with quality of teaching", and also leads in terms of "the high salaries of the graduates."

The leading position of the University is not accidental. The University offers an interesting program, the curriculum of which included internships of different lengths.

Programs offering internships:

BA Business Management
- this program lasts 4 years, in the second year, students take an annual paid internship.

MSc in Business and Financial Economics - the program lasts 1 year and offers a 10-week paid internship included in the curriculum.

International Business, MBA program lasts 2 years, the second year, students take a paid internship.

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As students find an internship?

Search internships students carry out independently, but the University provides comprehensive support: career center will prepare You for the interview, improve Your resume and help with job search.

How many students receive during the internship?

All internships offered by the University of Greenwich - paid. Minimum wage - £6.50 per hour (about 520 rubles), or about £50 a day (about 4000 rubles).

Where are the students of the University of Greenwich?

Students find employment both in large international companies and small local firms.

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