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Building a successful career begins with choosing the right University - Sheffield Hallam University

Modern employers have not simply the diploma from a good University. To get a good job, You have to be experience and various practical skills. That is why ambitious English at Sheffield Hallam University is doing everything and more to provide its graduates a bright future.

In particular, students of Sheffield Hallam University can:

1. To do an internship or find a part time job

The career centre at Sheffield Hallam University will help You find part-time employment in the project or summer internship. You will be able to acquire the necessary skills to the employer without harm to their studies.

2. To become a volunteer

At the University there are many ways to gain experience volunteer work that allows students to gain experience working in a team and learn to change the world around for the better.

3. Join the famous program of development of practical skills (Venture Matrix Scheme)

Already more than 1600 students have passed through the programme, Venture Matrix Scheme, in which the guys are working on real projects with representatives of various organizations. All University collaborates with over 100 companies and organizations from different sectors of the economy.

4. To start learning a foreign language

University Language Scheme allows you to study an additional foreign language, knowledge of which will make You more attractive to potential employers.

5. To enroll in a course on leadership development

The Sheffield Hallam University worked with the international organization Common Purpose, which the University organizes trainings and workshops on leadership development.

6. Become a representative of the students of its program or the faculty of administration, University of

This is an excellent opportunity to take the initiative, and to develop organizational and communication skills.

7. Join a student club or community

The Sheffield Hallam University has many different student communities, so each student will find something he likes. In all communities You can perform certain administrative functions and to gain valuable practical experience.

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Becoming students of Sheffield Hallam UniversityYou from the first day will be able to acquire additional professional skills and graduate from higher education institution with an enviable list of achievements in Your resume.

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