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  • 2024

As alumni of British schools to become lawyers? How many years it takes to prepare for a profession?

A graduate of the British school who wants to become a lawyer, she should undergo three stages:

  • academic
  • professional
  • practical.

There are two ways to meet academic requirements.

The first is to get proper legal degree (Qualifying Law Degree), that is, higher education in the field of law, most often it is the degree – the LLB – bachelor of law.

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The second method is to obtain the highest non-law degree and a diploma of additional education (Graduate Diploma in Law). Appropriate law degree is a degree officially recognized by the professional bodies of the UK.

Professional stage can be different depending on wishes the student to become a solicitor or a barrister. Future solicitors must pass the legal practice course (Legal Practice Course or equivalent) and the bar course professional legal training (Bar Professional Training Course or equivalent).

To pass the practical stage, candidates in the solicitors need to obtain a so-called "contract of training" (Training Contract) and the candidates for the bar pass the so-called "discipleship" (Pupillage).