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Is it possible with the Russian diploma of doctor/ dentist to work in the UK?

In most cases, the diploma of higher medical education gives You the right to work only in the country in which it was issued. So, in order to work in the UK, the Russian doctors should undergo a process of re-registration, which can take from 3 to 5 years.

The first thing you need to find out whether the University where You studied at home, in the list of universities recognized by world Health Organization. This list is called the Avicenna database and includes, for example: 63 a Russian University. If for any reason Your University is not listed in this database should contact the General medical Council (General Medicine Council, GMC) and clarify whether You have the right to take prequalification exams.

If You have not completed the internship, You must obtain a temporary medical license (Provisional registration) for the passage of 12 months practice in the UK. You can also complete the internship in their home country that will give You the opportunity to qualify for a full medical license (Full registration).

In order to apply for a license you must verify that You have sufficient knowledge and skills to practise medicine in the UK. For this You need to pass the PLAB test (Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board).It consists of two parts:

  • PLAB 1. Rent for computer and consists of 200 questions within 3 hours. The number of attempts at passing this test is not limited, and have the opportunity to take it in Moscow.
  • PLAB 2. This part is the objective structured clinical examination(Objective Structured Clinical Examination, OSCE) consists of 12 parts, each of which is given for 5 minutes. This exam can be taken only in the UK, and You will have only 4 attempts for 3 years after the date of the first part. In case of failure, will have to retake IELTS and PLAB 1.

Before you register for the PLAB 1 test You must obtain a certificate of English language test, IELTS with a score of at least 7.0, with all sections of the test You must get at least 7 points.

After passing the exams, you can get a job with a degree, but will have to start with the less skilled positions. Having around 3 years of experience you can move on to specialization, which again will require examination.

The healthcare system of the UK is experiencing a shortage of staff, especially nurses and so-called "family physicians" (General Practice). Therefore, if You want to work in these fields, it will be easier to get a job and a license. Conditions of re-registration of nurses and male nurses from EU countries greatly simplified: if You were trained in the Baltic States, You only have three years experience to obtain a license.

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