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The attractive British program medical?

Students and teachers from all over the world strive to obtain a place in medical universities in the UK. Along with the high quality of education and prestige of universities, the UK has large resources applied in health research. Britain is among the ten world leaders in terms of development of science and innovation in healthcare and biotechnology.

If You are planning to work as a doctor abroad, UK is one of the best countries that You can choose. Graduates of British universities are accredited by professional societies, such as the General medical Council (General Medical Council, GMC) and General dental Council (General Dental Council, GDC). This allows them to work around the world. In addition, the British education will allow You to master medical terminology in English.

In addition to the standard medical courses You can study such alternative directions as osteopathy, chiropractic and rehabilitation therapy. Study can be successfully combined with obtaining clinical experience.

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