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Is it possible to transfer from medical school at home for medical school in the UK?

If You are already studying medicine at home and want to transfer to a British University, it is, unfortunately, impossible.

British universities do not accept students who are already studying or have studied at a medical program in other universities of the world. Admissions argue that the fact that the students admitted to the medical professions, have already used your chance to get in the highly competitive and prestigious programmes in medicine in other countries, so their application cannot be considered if they decide to transfer to medical school in the UK.

If You get an education in the medical profession but in related areas, e.g., biology or chemistry, then enroll in the first year of a bachelor degree in medicine will be possible. It is easier to continue training in the UK, already having an undergraduate degree from the University of Russia, Ukraine or Kazakhstan, but even one year of University studies in the Homeland program in biology or chemistry can save You from having to take A levels or attend training courses.

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