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As alumni of British schools to become doctors?

Medical education in the UK lasts for seven or eight years and consists of three parts:

  1. The first higher education, which leads to the degree of bachelor of medicine and surgery. Depending on the course, this may be one of the following qualifications: MBBS; MBBS/BSc; MBChB; MBBCh or BMBS. Students receive a General medical education, and the course can last 3 or 4 years.
  2. The internship, which is called the Foundation programme (it is important not to mix up with the preparatory courses International Foundation!) and lasts for two years. At that time, a specialization in a selected area. The internship consists of several paid internship lasting approximately three months.
  3. Special training is a course of training on the chosen specialty. The duration and nature of training depends on what field You plan to specialize.

Certification of doctors in the UK deals with General medical Council (General Medicine Council, GMC) is a governmental Agency established in 1858 For students, the Council periodically publishes professional recommendations, the observance of which is compulsory. Recommendations are called "Doctors of tomorrow" and focused on students and graduates.

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