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Master study of "the Beatles"

The musical legacy of the Beatles is immense, and their influence, despite the fact that the band broke up 40 years ago, still applies not only to musical styles and trends, but also on social and political life around the world. Where else to explore the legacy of the greatest musicians in the world, not in their homeland?

This opportunity is Liverpool hope University. The University has developed the master program "Beatles", popular music and society" (The Beatles, Popular Music and Society). Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is the only program of its kind in the UK and around the world, and be involved in teaching the best musical staff, learning the legacy of the Beatles.


In the learning process students will explore the importance of music "the Beatles" in the creation of music, the audience audiences, ethnic groups, music industries and communities. Students will have to find ways to understand popular music as a social practice, focusing on issues such as the role of music in the construction of regional identities, concepts of authenticity, aesthetics, meaning, value, fulfillment and the use of popular music as a discursive incarnation of the place. In addition, it will address the issues of texts and semiotics of popular music.


The master's program "the Beatles, popular music and society" will be of interest to those working in the field of popular music, cultural studies, social anthropology, politics, gender studies and musicology.


The program consists of 4 modules: "Texts and contexts: understanding popular music", "Liverpool", "Musicology and the Beatles", "Historical and critical approaches". The duration of full time study, 12-15 months. Read more about the program and admission at the website of the University.


 Based on the materials of the website of Liverpool hope University.

February 11, 2011