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Graduate of the first higher education in the UK

In the UK a number of universities offer 4-year programs the first level of higher education - the so-called "integrated programs" – Integrated Master's. These programs exist in such applied areas as accurate, engineering and pharmaceutical scienceand completed the implementation of their own research project or thesis.

The titles of awarded degrees are referred to in the subject: for example, a master's degree in mathematics ends with the award of the degree of master of mathematics (Master in Mathematics – MMath), master in pharmacy – Master in pharmacy (Master of Pharmacy – MPharm), master in engineering Sciences – Master of science in engineering (Master of Engineering – MEng), etc.

The content of the first two years of such programs are usually identical to the corresponding programs the bachelor's level, and the third and fourth years are a combination of academic (Taught) course at a higher level and preparation of a research project.