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The benefits of learning in German universities
The benefits of learning in German universities
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The benefits of learning in German universities

Students who choose universities abroad, comparing countries and universities in many ways, to make better choices and get not only excellent training but also the opportunity to build a successful career. Germany is the third attraction for Russian students country after the US and the UK, as the German education provides many opportunities for growth and development.

According to the information portal Statista, in the winter semester 2015/2016 academic year in Germany he studied 14.909 students from Russia. More students came from China and Turkey.

Admission to universities in Germany to 2017

The popularity of German among pupils due to many factors, the main of which include:

  1. The quality of education. German universities included in world rankings of universities. Thanks to modern science training is carried out using the most modern and advanced technologies. Some of the Russian students come to Germany to study special areas of medicine and engineering, as in their universities is either not the research is conducted at the right level, or funding to carry them out is not enough.
  2. The possibility of obtaining practical knowledge. Germany is the most economically powerful country in continental Europe, its companies invest heavily in research and development universities. So, students of the Technical University of Munich are working together with well-known automaker BMW.
  3. The opportunity of free training. A few years ago in Germany was abolished tuition fees in public universities. Education has become more accessible not only German but also foreign students, for whom, dedicated from 7% to 50% of the seats, depending on the specialty. During the fall of purchasing power due to sharp currency fluctuations, the availability of education was a powerful argument for the applicants from Russia and CIS countries.
  4. Career prospects. Students in Germany have the opportunity to earn while studying and practical training in the specialty. This helps them to develop applied knowledge and skills, and also become a more attractive candidate in the eyes of employers. Many foreign graduates of German universities successfully get a job in a German company.
  5. Renewal of residence permit after graduation. After an international student successfully completes a University in Germany, he has the right to extend his residence permit for 1.5 years. This allows longer to live in the country and have a sufficient amount of time to job search.
  6. Learning English language. Germany is moving towards internationalization of education, so every year there are more and more programs in English. This allows students who do not speak German, but know English at a sufficient level to study at a German University.

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