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What should contain the recommendation of the employer of the student entering the master course in a foreign University?

A letter of recommendation to the student entering the graduate program in a foreign University and having work experiencemust include the following information about the referee - in chief:

  • Recommender name
  • The position of the Recommender
  • The name of the organization in which the sponsor
  • Address of the organization
  • Phone
  • Email: should be the Email of the organization (not gmail.com, yandex.ru etc.)

The standard volume recommended for the master's degree is one or two pages A4, 11-th or 12-th font.

Recommendation letter from employer is written in any form. Below is an example of questions that can be answered by a professional reference letter student entering a graduate program in business and management:

1. As long as the Recommender know the applicant? What position and how long held the applicant in the submission of a sponsor?

2. What aspects of the business, the applicant has faced in their daily work?

3. A description of the nature of the applicant.

4. The main advantages of the entrant, as a professional. Examples.

5. Over what the applicant need to work in order to achieve greater success?

6. Examples of complex professional tasks that the applicant has successfully coped.

7. Review about the ability of the applicant to work individually and in a team.

8. Comment on the leadership potential of the applicant.

9. How did the relations of the applicant with colleagues and management?

10. Evaluation of professional potential of the applicant.

11. Comparison of success of the applicant in comparison with the successes of his colleagues.

12. As far as the applicant is willing to study at a foreign University on the graduate program?

  • Personal qualities
  • Knowledge and experience
  • Motivation.

13. Information about non-professional interests of the applicant.

14. In what industry, position, function, the Recommender sees the applicant in 5 -10 years?

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