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What should contain a letter of recommendation to the program of the first higher?

A letter of introduction to the programme a first higher education – bachelor degree in foreign University must contain the following attributes:

  • The name of the Introducer,
  • The position of the Recommender
  • The name of the institution / organization
  • Phone
  • Email: should be the Email of the organization (not gmail.com, yandex.ru etc.)

The standard volume of recommendations for the programme a first higher education is one and a half page A4, 11-th or 12-th font.

A set of questions that should answer a letter of recommendation largely depends on the subject and requirements of the program, which receives the entrant. For example: recommendation on the design program needs to open the creative abilities of the entrant, and the recommendation for a program in Finance should confirm strong analytical skills. Below are a standard set of questions for bachelor of business and management:

  1. How and how long the Recommender know the applicant?
  2. Overall assessment of progress and abilities of the applicant.
  3. Brief description of academic interests of the applicant?
  4. Which disciplines/ roles the applicant has special aptitude?
  5. How well is the applicant able to Express their thoughts orally and in writing?
  6. Assessment of the qualities of the applicant on the following criteria:
  • Academic achievement
  • Academic potential
  • Motivation for further studies
  • Analytical/ creative abilities
  • Communication skills
  • Independence of thought
  1. What is the relationship of the applicant with classmates and teachers?
  2. Does the applicant's leadership qualities? Example?
  3. Outside of academic interests and Hobbies of the applicant.
  4. On what applicants need to work hard to achieve success in their future studies and work?
  5. The overall maturity of the applicant and readiness to study at the University.
  6. 1-2 examples in the basic qualities of the applicant.


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