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York University entered the TOP 100 in the world for an international approach to learning

York University entered the TOP 100 in the world for an international approach to learning.

Edition of Times Higher Education (THE), assigns the ratings of the world's leading educational institutions, has developed a new criterion for evaluating the effectiveness of universities is the extent to which universities cultivate an international approach to education. The rating was formed on the basis of a global survey of 800 universities around the world, and the University of York has taken the position of 93.

Universities were evaluated on how diverse international composition of their student audience, and the extent to which University professors collaborate with colleagues from other countries. These criteria were among the 13 indicators of the efficiency of the University, Times Higher Education used to compile a comprehensive global rankings of educational institutions.

The rector of the University of York, Professor Koen Lamberts said: "We have long recognized the importance of a global approach to education and research activities. He creates in our students a broad Outlook and deep knowledge that will subsequently allow them to successfully build a career anywhere in the world. The high position of the University of York in the new ranking due to the establishment of a strategic Alliance with some of the world's best higher schools and organizations. This also contributed to the increase in our investment in teaching staff and a significant emphasis on an international approach in the development of educational programs of the University. This means that our University is making active efforts to attract University teachers and world-class talented and motivated students from different countries."

At York University has students from almost 100 countries and a faculty of 80.

Phil Baty, editor of Times Higher Education reported: "a rating reflecting the level of international approach to learning, is one of the key markers of the prestige of the University. Top universities hiring professors from around the world, attract the most talented students from different countries and work with leading educational institutions, wherever they are.

I'm very happy for those schools who ranked in the top list of the new rating. This is a sign of tremendous potential, dynamism and competitiveness of the University in the world of education."

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