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5 short lectures University of Kent that will inspire you to study abroad
5 short lectures University of Kent that will inspire you to study abroad
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5 short lectures University of Kent that will inspire you to study abroad

Scientists of the University of Kent (University of Kent) took the example of TED Talks and created a series of 15-minute clips in which the researchers talk about their scientific work and how the results influenced the world community.

The video introduced viewers to the academic disciplines that are studied by scientists and the study of which are essential components of modern education of international quality. It is this aspect of the University of Kent paid special attention to the Rollers serve as a clear demonstration of diversity taught in University courses, as well as high-level research competence of employees.

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1. Strategies for effective use of social networking for professionals in business | Doctor Fragiskos Filialas

The popularity of social networks is constantly increasing, this fact is difficult to argue. However, such websites as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are used not only for communication but also for professional purposes. In his lecture Dr. Fragiskos Filialas from the Business school of the University of Kent will talk about strategies to effectively use social networking to create and manage their image online.

2. Architects as losers and outsiders | Dr. Timothy Britain-Caitlin

Architectural historians and critics often praised the successful architects with a unique vision. However, in fact, most of the buildings are hardly unique, and even if you are successful during construction, this is not always their architectural value. This lecture offers a new perspective on the study of architecture. It collected the stories that offer the audience a theme for discussion in which you may participate. Whether a simple story to tell us about the building more than an intricate architectural plan? Whose stories will we hear? What if they contradict each other or are not true to the end? So much so a bad opinion of critics, if the building has many stories that are worth telling people?

3. International politics of empathy | Dr. Carolyn Pedwell

( Dr. Carolyn Pedwell- assistant Professor, University of Kent, in the recent past — visiting fellow, University of Sydney, Queen Mary University and the London school of Economics)

The emergence and development of empathy today is viewed as a viable "solution" of a number of social problems, and a main component of the approval of intercultural and international social justice. This lecture considers two key questions, first: "what is more critical approach to modern political papers in the field of empathy?" And secondly: "How can we understand the complex relationship between empathy and inter-state relations?"

4. The leader of the women | Dr. Patricia Lewis

Within his lecture, Dr. Patricia Lewis from the University of Kent studying from the point of view of post-feminism cultural norms influence the formation of the modern phenomenon of women leaders. The author asks two questions. First- thereby beginning to recognize the value of differences between men and women, for example, the fact that today femininity is an asset and an integral feature of a successful leader of the 21st century? Secondly- why don't women have received more benefits from the implementation of the concept of women as leaders?

5. 10 commandments of successful scientists| Professor Darren Griffin

Some believe that successful scientists are just "lucky" but what is luck? "Luck is when preparation meets opportunity" - because you say so, right? Professor of genetics at University of Kent, shared his secrets success in science.

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