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New migration policy: benefits for graduates of MBA and PhD

Prime Minister David Cameron confirmed that the new policy of the government, aimed at reducing emigration to the UK, not complicate the arrival of foreign students to study. The bill, which aims to reduce the net number of migrants will soon be sent for parliamentary approval. Although students statistically are considered to be migrants, but the rules for them will not change.

UK is one of the most attractive countries for foreign students. David Cameron stressed that the government did not intentionally anyway to limit the number of students coming to study in universities in the UK. Moreover, the British Government intends to provide more than 1,000 workers visas for students, has received degree MBA at the British universitieswho wish to remain in the UK and start a business, but also allow students who have defended theses for the degree of PhD, in the course of the year to look for work or to start a business. This gives a clear signal that the UK intends to continue to be the most attractive country for talented foreign students.

Source: John Morgan, Times Higher Educatinal

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