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What universities UK prefer children of Russian billionaires

The richest people of the country strive to provide your children excellent education. Forbes magazine conducted a study, which universities deserve the confidence of the Russian elite

Now 77 billionaires are Russian citizens and they have 208 children under age. Forbes magazine tried to find out which universities in the world choose the richest people in the country to provide quality education to the younger generation.

The entire magazine was able to get information about 59 the heirs of the oligarchs who are studying or have previously studied in 30 universities in different countries. However, only 7 of the 30 universities included in the rankings of the best schools in the world, annually published by the prestigious editions of the QS and Times Higher Education.

Popular educational institution of the Russian elite was MSU. By the way, tuition at this University is quite affordable by international standards – for example, most popular today, with undergraduate and graduate programs of the faculty of economic cost 350-400 thousand rubles a year, which is lower compared to the price of similar programs in other foreign universities.

Forbes found out that Russian universities have chosen 25 children of billionaires from among those about whom the magazine was able to obtain information. In 2nd place was UK – 17 heirs of the oligarchs chose to get an education in the schools of this country. Great popularity among Russian Golden youth are the following UK universities:

University of Surrey: the cost of training varies from 14 to 23 thousand pounds per year. The University is in the TOP in the country for graduate employment.

University of Greenwich: the University is popular with foreign students for the high standards of education and demand for graduates in the international labour market. Preparatory program Foundation is one of the most affordable.

Royal Holloway: the cost of training from 13 to 20 thousand a year. The University is in the list of the top 1% of universities in the world. Luxury campus.

City University London; the University is part of the University of London. Has a great reputation around the world for exceptionally high-level training programs.

In 3rd place were the universities in the USA 14 people on the Forbes list. 2 more heir of Russian billionaires chose Swiss universities, and one was educated in Hungary.

As for the elites of other countries of the CIS, the Ukrainian oligarchs most often send their children to City University Londonwhere the cost of most graduate programs in the range of £13,000 - £19,000. And the grandson of one of the leading politicians of Kazakhstan and graduated from a prestigious business school Cass Business School at City University London, which is one of the leading in the country and has an excellent reputation worldwide.