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The founder of Facebook got a degree from Harvard
The founder of Facebook got a degree from Harvard
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The founder of Facebook got a degree from Harvard

Mark Zuckerberg returned to Harvard University: 12 years later after he took the documents, the entrepreneur gave a speech at the ceremony of awarding diplomas. Today, the capital 33-year-old Creator of "Facebook" is estimated at 63 billion USD.

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His speech on may 25, 2017 Zuckerberg began with a question, remember the graduates where they were and what they were doing when they received the acceptance letter to Harvard. According to him, he played the computer game "Civilization", when he was called father, which was then videotaped as a young man reading a letter.

Room Brand in the dormitory of Harvard University

The warmest memory of Harvard, Zuckerberg said that the day when he met his future wife Priscilla. It happened at the party, which was organized to Mark's friends when he was on the verge of contributions for the creation of "Facemash".

In his speech to the graduates Zuckerberg talked about the purpose and creation of the community. Submitted 7 quotes from his speech:

  1. "Destiny is a feeling that your life is part of something bigger that you need someone that your work will bear fruit. Purpose — the key to happiness."
  2. "Ideas do not come ready-made. They are generated only if you work on them. You only need to start."
  3. "The expectation of sudden enlightenment — it is a dangerous delusion. Because of him, we feel inferior, if inspiration comes. It prevents people with the germs of good ideas to act".
  4. "To be idealistic is a wonderful thing. But be prepared that you will not understand. Everyone who works for the bright targets, called the cranks, even if in the end they all get... Everyone who takes the initiative, criticized, because there will always be someone who wants to slow down your progress".
  5. "With each generation the notion of "one of us" is getting wider. Our generation includes all inhabitants of the planet".
  6. "The key to the greatest success is the right to be wrong".
  7. "Change begins gradually. Even global change begins with small things — with people like you and me. Today, our social circle and achieving the most ambitious goals depends on our ability to build community and to create a world where each person will find their purpose".

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At the end of his speech, mark said, "I hope you have the courage to make your life happy".

All photos article is taken from the official page of Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook

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