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Santander Bank - new partner of the University of Northumbria

Santander Bank opens its branch on the campus of Northumbria University in the framework of the agreement about partnership with the University. This will provide students great opportunities, including additional scholarships, internships and new working practices.

The Bank branch will open in may 2016 on-site café located in the building of the student Council. The Bank's presence on campus will allow students and teachers to have online access to banking services. The maximum benefit it will receive from foreign students, for whom the opening of a new account after arrival in the country sometimes has some difficulties.

In addition, the partnership Northumbria University with Santander Universities (a division of the Bank, funding projects in higher education) concluded for a period of 3 years, provides for the allocation of the University's annual scholarship Fund with a size of 40 thousand pounds. The funds are intended for travel of students abroad and to support their business activities.

In particular, the planned three scholarships for international students graduate programs the size of 5000 pounds for students travelling abroad. Students and teachers of the University will be allocated 15 scholarships of £ 1,000 for travel to any of the 20 countries where the universities which are partners of Santander.

To stimulate the entrepreneurial activity of students was organized a 3-day seminar on business start-UPS, in which more than 60 students have honed business skills and enhance their competitiveness in the labour market.

University of Northumbria has also received funds in the amount of 12 thousand pounds for students and recent graduates Newcastle Business School, faculty of business Newcastle to assist in the organization of training and working practices at the enterprises of small and average business. Allocated an additional £ 5,000 for the development of University crowdfunding platform that will be used by University students to find sponsors for their projects.

Faculty of business Newcastle University of Northumbria in 2015 received the award from the prestigious publication Times Higher Education in the nomination "Business-school of the year". The faculty is part of the elite world of business education, which owns less than 1% of higher education institutions. One of the most popular programs of the faculty- MSc Global Financial Management.

Santander Universities is a division of banking group Santander, engaged in financial support of higher education in many countries. Since the founding in 1996 it has provided more than 1 billion pounds to universities worldwide, including Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Portugal and the UK. Allocated funds go to scholarships, research grants and organization of students travelling abroad to promote international and innovative approaches to learning.

Northumbria University works with many large companies including Nike, IBM, Nissan, Proctor & Gamble, the BBC and the National health service in the UK.

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