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New migration policies will not affect international students coming to Britain

Prime Minister of the UK David Cameron has confirmed that government policies aimed at reducing immigration into the UK will allow for international students. Soon bills will be introduced into parliament, which, if passed will aim to curb net migration into the UK. While counted as migrants, rules for students will not change, promised Cameron.

“Students will continue to count in the Office for National Statistics’ net migration figures because as statisticians, immigration experts and foreign governments agree, students who stay for more than twelve months are migrants. Net migration measures the difference between the number of people coming to the UK and the number leaving, so if students return home after their studies, their impact on long-term net migration will be minimal.” Said Cameron. He adds: “Changing the way we measure migration would not make any difference to our student migration policy.”

The UK is probably the best destinations for university students looking to study away from home. Mr Cameron agrees, “The UK has a fantastic offer for international students”, adding: “The coalition’s mid-term review confirmed we will place NO cap on the number of genuine students coming from across the world to study in this country.”

The Prime Minister praises the coalition’s commitment to provide over 1,000 places a year for MBA graduates who want to stay in Britain and start up businesses, and allow PhD students to stay on for a year to find work in their field or start as an entrepreneur.

“This will send a strong signal that the UK wants to attract the brightest and best international students,” Mr Cameron says. “I made clear in my recent trip to India that talented students who choose a UK university will find a warm welcome here!”

Source: John Morgan, Times Higher Educational

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