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DMU opened a business school Leicester Business School Castle
DMU opened a business school Leicester Business School Castle
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DMU opened a business school Leicester Business School Castle

New business school University DMU will release the first-class professionals in six training programs.

The announcement of the opening of the University of De Montfort the new business school XXI century, was made during the football Champions League match at the King Power Stadium in Leicester, the broadcast of which was watched around the world a few billion people.

The principal opened school Professor Dana Brown, who worked as Director of MBA programs at Oxford University, said that the Leicester Castle Business School aims to become ultramodern educational institution of new type, able to give future students the knowledge subject to constant and rapid changes in the world of business, industry and the labour market.

School starts in September 2016 and will be held in the Great hall of Leicester Castle is a medieval castle built in the XII century, which was visited by Dukes, famous writers and kings, including Richard III. The building now completed, the repair cost of 4.2 million pounds.

Leicester Castle Business School offers students 6 new training programs – 2 bachelor's and 4 master's degree:

  • BSc Global Leadership and Management – global leadership and management (bachelor-level)
  • BSc Global Finance – global Finance (undergraduate),
  • MSc Business Management and Creative Industries – business management and creative industries (master),
  • MSc Business Management and Sport business and sport management (master's degree),
  • MSc Global Banking and Finance global Finance and banking (master),
  • MSc Global Investment and Risk – global investment and risk analysis (master's degree).

All international studentsenrolled in school in 2016 for any of the undergraduate or graduate, receive scholarship Principal's Scholarship for the first year of study in the amount of 4 thousand pounds. Scholarship is provided in the form of a discount from the cost of the program.

Training in business school will be organized at high level to give graduates a competitive advantage in the international labour market. Classes will be conducted by teachers having the status of generally recognized experts in the business world.Each student will have a personal tutor, who will oversee the process of education, professional growth and career advancement.

To obtain practical experience, without which it is impossible to imagine effective specialist, the participation of students in a wide range of projects in various sectors of real business. Students will be able to choose any of the proposed projects:

  • Executive in-company project in the company at the managerial level,
  • Social internship – internship in the social sphere,
  • Entrepreneurship project entrepreneurship project.

In addition, for students provided by the international practice and internships.