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The University of Lancaster received a Royal award

Linguistic centre at Lancaster University has received recognition of the Royal family for their work on the analysis of several billion words.

Centre, Lancaster University on methods of corpus linguistics to social Sciences (CASS) was recently awarded the Queen's Anniversary Prize in higher education.

The award was given Royal Highnesses the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornish at the ceremony in the Hall of Buckingham Palace on 25 February 2016.

CASS did a great job, studying how language is used for communication. For this purpose, with the help of computers have been analyzed billions of words collected over the past 45 years in articles, speeches and online resources.

The research allowed the politicians and the ruling circles to obtain a correct understanding of how language is used for communication, manipulation and aggression.

Currently, the center is working on a 13 core and 10 affiliated projects, studying the ways of the language of communication of people in the discussion of the broad spectrum of today's problems such as global warming, crime in Brazilian cities, corporate issues.

The results of these studies finds wide application in the modern world – for example, improve the quality of the dictionaries to prevent such undesirable phenomena in society, as aggression in social networks and the incitement of hatred, and also to find the correct form of the discussion of issues related to the care of life.

The award was received on behalf of the center CASS rector of the University, Professor Mark Smith and the centre's Director, Professor Tony McEnery.

Professor McEnery reported that members of the Royal family has shown great interest in its research. The Prince of Wales was impressed by the amount of work carried out for 40 years. And the Duchess of Cornish assessed the contribution of CASS in the development of modern dictionaries. It is also interested in issues related to the practical application of the results obtained to optimize the use of social media.

The University of Lancaster for the fourth time receiving the award the Queen's Anniversary Prize in higher education – previous awards were given in 1994, 2005 and 2009.

The University included in the top 10 of UK universities along with universities such as Oxford and Cambridge (The Complete University Guide, 2016).