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6 tips from the businessman D. Sanger
6 tips from the businessman D. Sanger
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6 tips from the businessman D. Sanger

Successful British businessman David Sanger, in this year received an honorary doctorate from the University of Roehampton for his contribution to the industry and training business leaders and entrepreneurs of the future.

Mr. Sanger is a member of the British Institute of chartered accountants and was previously accountant of the company "Ernst & Young". David was able to create, develop and sell two multi-million dollar enterprise, one of which, "Rollover", engaged in supplying food products to major supermarket chains, including the "Sainsbury's", "Asda" and "Tesco".

He was sharing his knowledge and experience with students in the University of action for the employment and entrepreneurship, as well as during meetings with outstanding students. He is also the head of the Academic Council of the Business school of the University of Roehampton.

At the meeting, with 220 graduates of the Business school, Mr. Sanger said: "in No case do not forget that You can achieve almost anything, if you completely devote yourself to the cause and will not allow the difficulties to knock yourself out of the way".

Mr. Sanger also gave 6 tips based on my own 30 years of experience in business:

  • Almost everything worthwhile in the world, requires hard work.
  • Like a job and never give it less than 100%.
  • Don't be too adamant in career choice and decision-making, grasp the opportunity.
  • Don't let the fear of failure to Rob you of the opportunity to pursue their dreams and aspirations. Go on a risk if it is well grounded and thought out.
  • Create a great team and rely on others. Use your strengths and ask for help with what is causing your difficulties.

During his career, Mr. Sanger received the prize of the Institute of Directors "the Best managing Director of the year" in 2003, the year that his company is "Rollover" in 2004, the year has been named by the Confederation of British industry "Best innovative company of the year". She also received an award of Lloyds TSB Bank "For outstanding management" in 2003 and 2005.