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Scholarships Queen Mary University of London for foreign students at the 2017/2018 year
Scholarships Queen Mary University of London for foreign students at the 2017/2018 year
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Scholarships Queen Mary University of London for foreign students at the 2017/2018 year

For 2017-2018, the University offers a wide range of scholarships for international students graduate

Queen Mary University of London teaches students since 1887 and is widely known outside the UK impeccable quality of teaching. The University is in the TOP 100 universities in the world in level and depth of research research. From the walls of the University came 7 Nobel laureates.

The University is famous for its international attitude to learning students that today is a key factor in the success of graduates in the international labour market. A global approach to education is evident in the different aspects:

· International the composition of the student audience: 56% of the students are residents UK, 44% - foreigners from 155 countries of the world.

· More 50 international organizations provide the means to the formation of the scholarship Fund of the University.

· University Queen Mary has contracts with 10 universities and 22 universities of the world for direction its students on internships for up to 1 semester. In October 2016 was signed another agreement with Columbia University in the United States.

For the 2017-2018 year, the University offers the following types of scholarships for international students graduate:

University-wide scholarships

Scholarship Santander Masters Scholarship

Allocated 3 scholarships, each the size of 3000 pounds. Scholarship candidates must have hands on an invitation of the University to study at the master's level and the level academic achievement is not below the upper second class degree (or equivalent).

Scholarship Chevening

Queen Mary University works closely with the British government program Chevening, aimed at supporting students with the potential to become in the future global leaders. Every year in the UK scholarships Chevening become 1500 students from different countries, and a significant percentage of them falls on the Queen Mary – last year 87 foreign University students were recipients of the prestigious scholarship.

The amount of the scholarship: the cost of training, cost of flight to UK and back, the monthly allowance for accommodation.

Faculty scholarship

Scholarships International Science and Engineering Excellence Awards

The scholarship amount is £5000 pounds a year for each year of study (up to £15000 or £20000 for MEng students). This scholarship is awarded to students of natural science and technical faculties (biology, electronics, engineering, mathematics, physics and astronomy). Applicants must have a level of academic performance of First Class Bachelors degree or equivalent. The number of scholarships unlimited.

Scholarships faculty of literature and drama

The Department provides 1 scholarship in the amount of 50% discounts of tuition fee.

Scholarships faculty of geography Walter Oldershaw Award

Faculty highlights 8 scholarships, each of size 3,000. To participate in the contest applicants send essays with a size of up to 300 words explaining how the scholarship will help them in getting education.

Scholarships , law faculty (Law)

The faculty allocates a large number of scholarships the size of the coverage from 1/3 to the full cost of the training program.

Scholarships faculty of Economics and Finance

The faculty allocates up to 60 scholarships, each the size of 5000 pounds. Preference is given to those entering the program MSc Economics, MSc Finance, MSc Investment and Finance, MSc Investment Banking ,MSc Finance and Econometrics MSc Behavioural Finance. For MSc programs in Economics distinguished scholarship award in the amount up to £10,000.

For more information, please send your request from the University or program you are interested in.

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