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Scholarships University De Montfort to 100% coverage training for students from Russia and CIS countries for the 2016-2017 year

De Montfort University (DMU) is located in the heart of England city of Leicester. The University is in the TOP 25 in the UK for employment of its graduates. Recently ended with a Grand program of reconstruction and development Lester worth 3 billion pounds, and today the city has become a vibrant center of culture, entertainment and Commerce.

>> Program of the University of De Montfort

The University offers the following scholarships and discounts for foreign students:

  • Discount for early payment of training

If the student will make all necessary payments for tuition for 4 weeks after enrolment, he automatically gets a discount in the amount of 500 pounds.

  • Discount international alumni – International alumni scholarship

DMU graduates who have graduated within the last 2 years (2013/14 or 2014/15) and decided to continue studying for master's degree in 2016/17, get a discount in the amount of 2,000 pounds. If the graduate received a diploma degree upper second or 1st class degree, the size of discount is 5,000 pounds.

>> All graduate programs De Montfort

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  • International scholarship Square Mile

The Square Mile project provides assistance to the local population living near the campus of the University, using the knowledge and skills of the student community.

The scholarship will be allocated to one international student, having the ability and desire to work as a volunteer in the project of the Square Mile. It covers all the basic costs of studies for master DMU: the value of education, the ticket to UK and back to basic living expenses.

This scholarship is awarded on a competitive basis and applicants must have excellent academic results and demonstrate the ability and willingness to help others.

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  • Scholarships for students from specific countries

De Montfort University offers special scholarships for students from countries in the list. Russia is one of the countries in the list. Students from Russia can apply for following types of scholarships:

1) Grant size £ 3,000 for master's degree programs. The scholarship is awarded to one student from Russia, have excellent academic performance and received the offer of a DMU for admission to the program of postgraduate education.

The deadline for the submission of applications until July 19, 2016.

2) Discount for early payment of tuition fees in the amount of 1000 pounds. Available to students who paid at least £ 3,000 , until 31 July 2016. The amount of these rebates is limited and will be distributed to those who had made a prepayment.

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