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International scholarships the Brunel University for the 2016-17 academic year

University Brunel is located in Uxbridge area in West London. The University pays great attention to creation of comfortable conditions for foreign students – it has about 40 employees, advising and supporting students from 110 countries. The ultra-modern campus, which was invested over the last few years, about 400 million pounds, offers excellent opportunities for study and recreation.

In February 2016 the University begins accepting applications for international scholarships for the 2016/17 academic year. Thanks to the generous support of alumni and sponsors only will be granted 37 scholarships for international students at 15% discount of tuition fee. Scholarships are awarded for bachelor, master and for students enrolled for research programmes of the University.

The annual international scholarship programme Brunel with the Fund 110 thousand pounds organized by the international Department of the University and is open to all foreign students. Scholarships are awarded to students who have attained excellent academic performance and are ready to become University representatives (ambassadors) at the time of study at the University.

In addition, the University provides a number of additional scholarships:

  • Academic Excellence scholarship for students of master: automatic 15% discount from the cost of the program for students with high academic results.
  • Academic Excellence scholarship for undergraduate students: up to 30 scholarships of size 6000 pounds per year for students with high academic results.
  • University graduates who decided to continue studying at Brunel, receive a discount in the amount of 15%.

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Students who received scholarships last year, gave advice on how to improve their chances when applying:

  • Start to prepare the application as early as possible and carefully review the requirements of the University to the candidates.
  • Consider which you have strengths that differentiate you from other applicants. Present the information succinctly and concisely, avoiding repetition, that description turned alive, interesting, and reading it was not boring.
  • Be prepared to assume the functions of a representative of the University (participation in promotion activities of the University, photo shoots, blogging, etc.). This is not only a condition of the scholarship, but will also allow you to gain invaluable experience of communication with different people and form a useful career skills.

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