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Events at the British University UCLan Cyprus - the path to a successful career
Events at the British University UCLan Cyprus - the path to a successful career
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Events at the British University UCLan Cyprus - the path to a successful career

The Cyprus campus of the British University of Central Lancashire - UCLan Cyprus allows not only to obtain two diplomas - the UK and Cyprus, but also get a lot of practice and preparation for a successful career within education. In 2017, the University held a series of interesting events, and also announced a number of others.

In may, UCLan Cyprus will host the event "Innovate Event 2017". UCLan Cyprus will organize a platform for cooperation between scientists, entrepreneurs, representatives of public organizations and the local community. The event on the role of collaboration on innovations in the field of scientific research business activities and overall socio-economic development.

In March 2017 School of business and management of the University together with its partners, "E. O. K" and research center "CEDAR", held a contest for undergraduate students "Running the Economy for a Day". Students imagined themselves in the role of the Minister of Finance and the day was ruled by the British economy through "Virtual Worlds Chancellor Simulation" is an interactive game that simulates the economy In The United Kingdom.

Also in March, staff and students of the law school of UCLan Cyprus, together with leading lawyers Larnaca participated in the second Fair according to the law. This year, the Fair was called "Become a lawyer for a day", and the program included training trials, interactive exercises and open press conference with representatives of law firms and the judicial system.

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In March 2017 hosted the event "Employability and Internship Month". For students held master-classes, competitions of business ideas, interviews for internships, seminars on Linkedin, simulations of interviews with employers, informational speech and introductory courses.

In February of 2017 ended the last round of the third annual competition on the training trials, which was held in a private room proceedings of the University. Through such training, students receive the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge acquired in the classroom.

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