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How to apply for a first degree in an English University?

All UK universities are on the website of the Service of admission to universities and colleges (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service, UCAS). To apply to University in the UK you must apply online and attach to it:

  • a copy of the Certificate;
  • certificate, Foundation, A-levels or equivalent;
  • motivation letter, up to 4000 written characters;
  • a recommendation letter from Your teacher with the characteristics of Your performance (in the order You specify email Your teachers and UCAS sends him a request, asking to write a recommendation letter for You in the online system UCAS).

Applying through UCAS, You can specify up to 5 different courses, and you can specify either Oxford or Cambridge, but not both of the University immediately. If You want to study medicine, you can only specify 4 of the medical course, and one from another region. Payment for one course in the application is 9 pounds or 19 for the application with 5 courses.

>> The admission to bachelor's degree abroad without Foundation

For foreign students there are three deadline: October 15, January 15 and June 30. Applications will begin mid-September. If You are planning to go to Oxford, Cambridge or medical, veterinary or dental school, the application must be submitted in the first wave, until 15 October. London school of Economics and Imperial College accept applications not later than the second deadline, January 15. You should note that admission to courses in the UK is based on the principle of rotating seats, so the earlier You apply, the more chances of success. Results become known on 5 may, 8 June and 20 July respectively for the three waves. If successful You will be offered a place at University – perhaps conditional. Deadlines will need to satisfy the conditions set out in the proposal: to provide the certificate of education with grades IELTS or TOEFL and pass the exam, if required. Exams can be required only for admission to Oxford, Cambridge and some programs in medicine, law and mathematics.

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