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Master in Teaching English as a second language (TESOL)

The diploma of TESOL (teaching English as a foreign language) is a master programme lasting one year of full-time and two years part-time form of training.

TESOL (e.g. York University, University of bath Spa) focus on not only the features of the language, but also the process of teaching and learning. This course includes aspects of language learning — reading, writing, speaking and listening, as well as theoretical and practical teaching. Attention is paid to the specialized fields of teaching English as a foreign language — grammar and vocabulary.

The demand for qualified English language teachers around the world. This means that the diploma will allow the owner to obtain a decent position in many schools, colleges and language schools.

Diploma in TESOL provides employment anywhere in the world where there is a need to learn English. The teaching of foreign languages, particularly English, is a thriving industry around the world, so the skills demanded in the labour market and are able to combine a successful job with a fascinating travel. Employers in any industry appreciate the graduates with the diploma TESOL for their analytical thinking skills and intercultural communication.

The choice of the graduate MA TESOL in the United Kingdom is an important decision that must be taken deliberately. In the country there are a number of such programs, but their contents, objectives and experiences of teachers differ significantly from each other.

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