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Faculty of computer Sciences and engineering University of West London (University of West London) has become a partner of Amazon

Faculty of computer Sciences and engineering of the University of West London University of West London (UWL) - became one of the first in the UK, which started in June 2015 to work with Amazon Web Services (AWS) at a special educational program. The partnership has brought the University substantial dividends: employees of Amazon are eager to share their knowledge with students and teachers of the University.

University of West London was the country's first educational institution, organized on his campus a series of seminars with the participation of AWS. The event allowed teachers, students, IT professionals and enthusiasts who wish to learn more about cloud technologies, to gain valuable information first hand from the specialists unit of the AWS Cloud. The workshops were built on the principle of step by step training in key areas AWS: computer science, information storage, databases, network resources. The experts told in detail about the basic characteristics of the technologies, we brought a lot of real examples from the work, showing a demo developed programs. The students had a unique opportunity to meet with the staff of the personnel Department of the company and discuss with them the prospects of building a career at Amazon.

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The company also awarded a research grant Amazon Research Grant in the amount of $10,000 for the partner-Professor Wei Jie. Provided the grant is part of the international program of funding scientific research and grants the recipient the right to use cloud technologies of Amazon for the most popular today research. The project Dr. Wei Jie, which is called "tracking Algorithm of self-organizing communities in large scale social networks," aims at the development and implementation of assessment programme of activity on social networks. This will allow to better understand the behavior of individuals in large social networks, to analyze how they communicate with one another and to identify properties that have the community as a whole. The program will be tested and evaluated on the cloud platform Amazon.

It was also approved the creation of the faculty within AWS, laboratory Amazon. University and company agree to explore the possibilities of expanding cooperation in such areas as joint training and organization of internships and practice of students.

Professor Amir Alani, Dean of the faculty of computer Sciences and engineering, said: "We are encouraged by the prospects opened up to the University from the cooperation with the company Amazon. This will give our students a great opportunity to get real experience in the company, which is today the industry leader".

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