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The University of Sussex in the TOP 20 prestigious rankings UK

The University of Sussex came in the top twenty UK universities in the three major ratings UK, after being moved up three positions in the ranking of "The Complete University Guide 2017".

A new rating introduced a completely revised list of the 20 best universities in the United Kingdom, therefore, the University of Sussex was on the 19th place in the rankings of Newspapers "The Guardian" and "The Times/the Sunday Times" on the 20th place in the prestigious "Table of Tables" from the editors of the prestigious journal Times Higher Education.

The main secret of this success is that the University has made it a priority to improve the prospects of employment and career of graduates and began to invest more in educational services and equipment.

The rector of the University of Sussex, Professor Clare Mackie, said: "We have invested considerable sums in the development of effective programs for employment and development of career prospects and turned them into the schedule so all students get this knowledge while learning in our University".

According to the rating "The Complete University Guide 2017", the University of Sussex also entered the top ten best universities in the United Kingdom the quality of teaching of the following subjects:

  • American studies (2nd place)
  • Biological disciplines (10th place)
  • Chemistry (9th place)
  • Marketing (6th place)
  • Neuroscience (7th place)

In addition, the following 10 items entered in the top twenty:

  • Anthropology (11th place)
  • Art history (11th place)
  • Communication and the media (13)
  • English (13th place)
  • History (19th place)
  • Philosophy (15th place)
  • Political science (18th place)
  • Psychology (14th place)
  • Social work (13th place)
  • Sociology (11th place)

All items included in the top twenty, significantly improved their position in the rankings over the last year. All programs at the University of Sussex.

Professor Mackie said: "the increase in the number of applications to our University through UCAS in 2016-the year was 25%, while the average for the country is 1%. We look forward to seeing the new intake of students in September, and we will thank them for what they chose our school, investing in their future success."

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