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A number of prestigious UK universities offers programs of study with the beginning in January 2016

In most British universities the academic year starts in September, but there are a number of public universities with high ratings that offer the programs of the first higher and post-graduate education beginning in January. This gives international students for which the process of preparation for admission to the University takes a lot of time, a good opportunity to begin their studies in January, if the registration process was delayed and they were not enrolled in September.

In 2016 the following British universities offer programs of education beginning in January.

De Montfort University

University De Montfort is located in Leicester in the heart of England. The campus of the University is just a 5-minute walk from the historic centre. Over the past few years the University has undertaken an ambitious programme worth £ 136 million refurbishment of the campus, transforming it into a modern center of education and research activities.

The University pays great attention to attracting students from abroad – of the 22,000 students of the University of 2,700 are foreigners from 130 countries.

De Montfort offers many programs for students beginning studies in January 2016 of the year in the following areas:

  • business;
  • art, design, media and Humanities program;
  • social science;
  • computer technology and engineering.

Contact the University directly.

De Montfort University offers generous scholarships for programmes beginning in January 2016. Don't miss the opportunity to get a scholarship!


Northumbria University

At the University of Northumbria education to 35 thousand students from 85 countries. The two campuses of the University located in Newcastle upon Tyne – according to the survey WhatUni student Choice Award in 2014 he received the title of best UK cities for students.

One campus, City Campus, is located in the centre of the city and studying here for 9000 students. The other Coach Lane Campus is located 15 minutes drive from the city. Regularly between campuses free Shuttle bus.

In September 2014, opened a campus in London for students wishing to study in the capital.

All three campuses are well equipped for study and recreation. They have invested about 200 million pounds.

The University offers the following programmes beginning in January 2016:

  • the International Foundation program (preparation for bachelor's degree);
  • bachelor – 10 programs;
  • masters – 52 programs;
  • The London campus of the University 10 programs of undergraduate and graduate programs.

Contact the University directly.


Brunel University

The University is located in the area of Uxbridge in West London and named after the legendary British inventor and engineer Isambard Brunel. In 2016, the University celebrates the 50th anniversary of the founding of.

Brunel University offers the faculties of business, law and the environment study 13 training programs on getting a masters degree, classes for which start in January 2016 at the following departments:

  • Faculty of business - 7 programs
  • Faculty of law - 5 programs
  • Faculty of environment study - 3 program

Contact the University directly.


Sheffield Hallam University

The Sheffield Hallam Universitylocated in Sheffield, is one of the most progressive and innovative universities in the UK. There are around 4000 foreign students from 100 countries, and University programs allow you to get the education that allows graduates to be in demand in the global international labour market.

According to a recent student survey, Student Barometer, the University took the first place in the UK in terms of student satisfaction in the following areas: research activities of the University, the prospect of employment of graduates, cost of living on campus, support international students.

The University offers a number of graduate programs beginning in January 2016.

Contact the University directly.


University of Dundee

University of Dundee the 6th year in a row the title "the Best University of Scotland". The University has three campuses:

  • City Campus, located near the city centre of Dundee in Scotland, is the main campus of the University;
  • Ninewells Campus is 3 miles from the main campus and there are students of the faculty of medicine, dentistry and Pediatrics;
  • Kirkcaldy Campus in the town of Kirkcaldy 35 miles from the town of Dundee, where one of the three departments of obstetrics and Pediatrics. The campus has good transport infrastructure – trains to Dundee and Edinburgh run every 30 minutes.

The University offers 86 programs of study beginning in January 2016.

Contact the University directly.


University of Greenwich

University of Greenwich known international traditions – in this study of 4,900 foreign students from 140 countries. 19 November 2015, it was announced the award of the research center of the University Natural Resources Institute (NRI) Royal award of the Queen's Anniversary Prize among educational institutions for an outstanding contribution to the development of applied Sciences. The award ceremony will be held at Buckingham Palace next year in the presence of the British Queen.

The University has 3 campus: the Greenwich Campus, in the historic centre of London on the Thames, the Medway Campus in Kent Avery Hill Campus, which is located in London in the Park with an area of 86 acres.

The University offers programs beginning January 11, 2016 at the following departments:

  • Faculty of architecture, computing and Humanities disciplines - 19 programs
  • Faculty of business - 6 programs
  • Faculty of science and engineering disciplines - 14 programs
  • The faculty of pharmacy at the Medway campus - 1 program

Contact the University directly.


Bath Spa University

Bath Spa University is located in the world famous city of Bath, which is recognized as one of the UK's best places to stay. The University has a 160-year tradition of providing students with quality higher education.

Bath Spa University offers programs of study for a master's degree with the beginning in February 2016 on all five faculties.

  • Faculty of business and management - 4 programs
  • Faculty of education - 7 programmes
  • The faculty of culture Sciences and Humanities - 4 programs
  • Faculty of music and performing skills - 3 program
  • The faculty of arts and design - 1 program

Contact the University directly.


Oxford Brookes University

Oxford Brookes University, located in the historic student's place – Oxford, celebrates this year the 150th anniversary of the date of Foundation. The University has an international reputation for modern and innovative teaching methods and strong links with business and industry.

Oxford Brookes University 4th year in a row, improves the performance according to the criterion of satisfaction of students with quality of the University. According to the results of the latest student survey National Student Survey (NSS) Oxford Brookes recorded the results and took up positions in the upper quarter of the finest schools in England.

The University offers a wide range of programmes on bachelor's and master's degree beginning in January 2016.

Contact the University directly.


Coventry University

Coventry University 3rd year in a row won the title of the modern British University. The University has two campuses in Coventry and London.

The University campus in Coventry offers 25 training programs beginning in January 2016 at the bachelor and master's degrees in the following major subject areas:

  • business and management;
  • computer and information technology;
  • engineering disciplines;
  • Finance and accounting;
  • right;
  • marketing;
  • oil, gas and energy;
  • advertising;
  • architecture and construction;
  • policy;
  • psychology.

The London campus of the University of Coventry offers 10 programs of study in graduate and undergraduate programmes at the faculty of business beginning in January 2016.

Contact the University directly.


BPP University

BPP University provides a quality education in the field of business, law, Finance and health Sciences. The school has a number of educational centers located throughout the country, including in London, Liverpool, Bristol, Cambridge, Manchester, Leeds. This gives students the opportunity to choose the most convenient place to study. All the University's centres located near major companies in the field of business, Finance or health.

BPP University offers many undergraduate and graduate programs beginning in January 2016.

Contact the University directly.