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"Porting" versus "Milking"

Some time ago someone at Newcastle University filmed themselves "milking", a process whereby they would pour out a milk carton over their head while fully clothed. The video was rather popular on YouTube. One of the crucial bits of Milking is to do in a public place. Students have been filmed milking themselves in stations, shopping centres, hotels and roundabouts, and there are reports of the craze in Edinburgh, Oxford and Nottinghamuniversities! As far as we know there is no real purpose to the activity, except a few funny looks from passersby.

However, with milk in abundant supply, the students of Durham University decided to one up everyone else. Durham students then added their twist to the craze, instead of using milk, they used Port! And so "Porting" came into existence! Durhamites also added the rule that one must be in formal clothing for their porting exercise to be legitimate. The video above is a compilation of the best "Porting" from across Durham.

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