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What diplomas become millionaires

Quality education is today a key factor for financial success.


Many believe that becoming a millionaire is absolutely an impossible task, but it is not so. According to reports from Credit Suisse Bank for the year 2015, fixing the number of millionaires in different countries, in the United States today, there are 15.5 million followed by the UK, which is home to 2.4 million owners of the vast state. If you divide their number by the total population of the country, it turns out that in America, a millionaire is every 25th and in the UK – every 27th. It turns out that it is not uncommon that people become millionaires.

It is also interesting that only 20% of millionaires inherited wealth from relatives, and 80% have become established due to the education received. Most of them had diplomas on the following specialties:

• Engineering

• MBA (master of business administration),

• Economics

• Law,

• BBA (bachelor of business administration).

Despite the financial crisis that happened in the UK, the number of millionaires in the country increased by 50% over the past five years. There are many entertaining stories as some young people without higher education, or expelled from the University for academic failure, miraculously turned into a prosperous businessman, who made millions or even billionaire. But we rarely read about how capable the student has received a master's degree in a good University, then made it to the senior members of the prestigious company, along the way successfully investing the earned money simply because such stories are boring and asensation. But thousands of them.

Admission to the University with a good reputation and education on demand are the key factors to financial success. The list of graduates of the world who became millionaires, published in 2013, shows that the palm holding British universities – their students have the maximum chance to get rich after graduation.

We have prepared for You an overview of some of the best programs in each area:



  • MBA of Aston University is one of the best in the UK in terms of ROI. In the framework of the program the students are taught one week in France.
  • Innovation Management MBA Oregon State University focuses on the study of innovation, technology commercialization and entrepreneurship, making graduates have all the necessary knowledge to work in leadership positions developing companies.


  • MSc Economics at a prestigious University Royal Holloway is renowned for its high level of employment of graduates and the quality of teaching. The University has its own experimental economic laboratory.
  • MSc Economics , University of Surrey gives comprehensive training in the field of microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics. The faculty is one of the best in the United Kingdom.
  • Preparatory programme Pre-master's Oxford Brookes University provides the necessary academic preparation for successful study at the graduate.


  • LLM dual degree Program at the University of reading, jointly with the Higher School of Economics, MGIMO and MGU. The program is unique in that students receive a Russian and a British degree and study aspects of the legal systems of different countries
  • LLM Commercial and Corporate Law , University of London Queen Mary consists of a set of modules in corporate law. Law school of the University regularly ranks in the top ten in the UK for quality of research and teaching.
  • LLM Law University of London Birkbeck is unique in that classes are held in the evening, and the majority of students - working professionally.
  • LLM Law , University of East Anglia (UEA) is suitable for students wishing to study a set of courses tailored specifically around their personal interests, so as a required module just 2, the other - to choose from.
  • LLB Law with Psychology -bachelor of the University of Southampton, after which the student receives a degree in law with a minor in psychology.
  • LLB law at the University UCLan is one of the most affordable. It is possible to study in the UK campus or the campus in Cyprus.

Undergraduate and graduate programs in Business and management:

  • MSc International Business Management London University of Sussex includes advanced modules for managing enterprise and global approach, implemented due to the bias of the Business school of the University of Sussex in entrepreneurship and innovation. The University also has an excellent program of undergraduate BSc Business Management.
  • MA Luxury Brand Management a prestigious private University Regent's allows you to explore the changing demands and opportunities of the global industry of goods and services class "Lux".
  • The double degree programme MSc international Business and Development allows you to obtain the diplomas of Moscow state University and the prestigious Swedish business school Jönköping.
  • BSc International Business the University of Roehampton provides an excellent knowledge in the field of international business and management. The University invites lecturers of London's largest companies (IBM, HSBC, Sony-Ericsson and others).
  • BA Business Management Extended - extended program at the University of Greenwich, which includes the Foundation year. In 2016, the University is recognized as 2nd in the UK by level of satisfaction of students studying business and management. Low cost training.
  • For those who wish to prepare for admission to the undergraduate courses, we recommend you to pay attention to the program of Foundation of the University of De Montfort, offering 6 areas of training.

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