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Programme Graduate Diploma in Law in CDF is a necessary stage in the professional development of lawyer in the UK, the alternative of a bachelor's degree in law

Law school BPP has the reputation of educational institutions that train professional experts in the field of law. Not coincidentally, over 50 leading legal companies in the UK send their trainees exclusively to BPP for their legal training. According to the annual report on the results of 2014 in the journal “Legal Week” Law school of the University of CDF among the five best in the UK for quality of teaching.

The course Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) is designed for graduates of universities in the UK and the world, received no higher legal education and who wish to start a career in law. This course is also required for Russian students who obtained higher legal education in Russia, but are planning to practice law in England.

The advantages of passing the GDL program at the University of CDF:

  • a greater number of contact hours compared to other leading law faculties in the UK – up to 21 hours per week (including classroom instruction and online lectures);
  • upon successful completion of the program are guaranteed admission to a course LPC;
  • You can obtain a bachelor's degree in law, completing two additional modules (60 credit ects credit), no extra charge.

The GDL program is offered at the University of CDF, both in-person and distance form.

In England there are two kinds of lawyers – solicitors and barristers. The title of barrister gives the right to practice law and represent clients in any court. Solicitors provide a wide range of legal services: property transactions, wills and inheritance matters, drafting of contracts, claims for bodily injury, family law, etc. This is the explanation in the most General terms. The main part of the lawyers in UK is solicitors. CDF is the best University to get qualifications if a student wants to become a lawyer and get probation.

To become a solicitor you need to have a legal education. This can be either a bachelor of law in England (3 year) (LLB) or any other higher education (including legal education, received in Russia), plus a one-year intensive course GDL (Graduate Diploma in Law). After this it is necessary to undergo LPC (Legal Practice Course) – 7 or 9 months. After that, legal education need to do an internship in a law firm (training contract), the duration of two years.

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