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DMU graduate spoke about the creation Zeropolis about Oscar
DMU graduate spoke about the creation Zeropolis about Oscar
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DMU graduate spoke about the creation Zeropolis about Oscar

The high level of preparation received at the undergraduate , De Montfort University, allowed the graduate to build a brilliant career in one of the most famous companies in the entertainment industry.

Ben frost, who graduated from De Montfort University (DMU), previously shared two Oscar nominations with colleagues in the Studio who created the special effects technology of FX for computer animated film "Cold heart" (Frozen) and "big hero 6" (Big Hero 6). And now Ben took part in creating the new blockbuster from Disney – cartoon Zootropolis gathered since its release in Easter period is already more than $ 900 million.

The cartoon tells the story about the rabbit-COP Judy Hopps, who in tandem with the cunning Fox Nik Wilde is investigating a complicated case in the country Zootropolis – a world where animals live and work together. Crime story with moral overtones were very critically acclaimed, put the cartoon record rating of 99%.

Ben graduated from DMU in 2005 and has a bachelor's degree majoring in Multimedia Design (design in the media area). For his work on a new blockbuster Zootropolis, after participating in creating the hits "frozen" and "big hero 6" became "another amazing experience", when he and his colleagues at FX studios worked on the solution of a number of challenges in the creation of computer special effects.

Soon Ben is planning to begin work as the leading expert on the effects on the new animated film Disney Moana, which will be released at the end of this year.

The task of the Studio FX, where Ben is the creation of computer animated gifs that have full resemblance to reality. This applies both to large-scale objects like clouds or a giant roaring waterfalls, and tiny objects such as droplets of dew. Ben and his colleagues constantly ask the question – how to make computer animation look real and maximum of all match the natural physical processes? A few years ago, used in animation technology did not allow to achieve a similar degree of verisimilitude.

Ben is always willing to share their experiences with current students DMU, dreaming of a career in cinematography or animation. His advice – don't specialize too early. You need to have enough time to try yourself in different areas of creativity and work with different technologies. The majority of students seeks, as quickly as possible, to get into the industry and to rigidly tie yourself to a particular direction.

"You become a creative person in the result of the covered way, and not settling on a specific place of work", - said Ben. "Turn off GPS and let yourself be lost!"


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