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11 reasons why choose University of Greenwich

The University of Greenwich has many strengths that attract students from around the world.

1. The quality of education

89% of students who participated in the National Student Survey (National student survey), I believe high quality learning at University: the teachers are able to explain complex things in simple language, we offer courses contribute to intellectual development, lecturers are making efforts to make the courses interesting.

2. University professors – winners of the prestigious awards

Among the teachers of the University there is one award winner Most Innovative Teacher editions of Times Higher Education and several members of the society National Teaching Fellows, which recognizes outstanding achievements in education.

3. The study recognized discoveries

A University research program studying tsetse flies fell into the category of "the 8 most impressive discoveries made by British universities over the past 60 years."

4. Research, life-saving

At the University the design of stents (tiny artificial tubes for the expansion of damaged areas of the arteries), allowing more effectively to introduce the medicine into the bloodstream.

A collaboration between the University of Greenwich and the British engineering Corporation was the emergence of a new development of a robot for bomb disposal, having less weight and which is much easier to manage.

5. Studies that inspire

Natural Resources Institute the natural resources Institute at the University of Greenwich operates in many countries around the world, saving people from poverty and improving their quality of life. The Institute is engaged in research in the field of pest control of agricultural crops, and provides farmers in developing countries with advanced knowledge and latest technology.

6. Tangible rewards

University students are regularly awarded prestigious awards and prizes. Recent achievements include receiving the national tourism awards and winning the contest among the students of "Midwife of the year". In addition, advanced business idea recently proposed by a student of the faculty of law of the University of Greenwich, gave him the right to go on an internship in the Hong Kong office of law firm Eversheds.

These recent successes reflect a long history of victories and achievements of University students. The culmination was the awarding of the Nobel prize to a graduate of Greenwich Professor Charles Kao for the creation of the technology fiber-optic transmission of information.

7. The emphasis on practical skills and real experience

The University works closely with employers to provide students with opportunities to take up internships and get real experience. The company offering students work, actively participate in the development of training programs to best meet the latest achievements in science and technology.

8. Contribution to environmental protection

According to the environmental rating of "People @ Planet Green League Table" of University of Greenwich is the most "green" University in the UK. Its carbon dioxide emissions decreased by 22% compared to 2005. The University has installed solar panels, generates electricity from renewable resources and even has its own apiary!

9. Awesome place

The campus is located on the banks of the Thames in a picturesque place under the protection of UNESCO as "historic heritage". One of the complexes campus Old Royal Naval College Old Royal naval College - was mentioned in the newspaper The Independent as "an amazing look more than the Versailles of Louis XIV".

10. The internationality of the University

Every year, students from hundreds of countries come to the University of Greenwich. Their experience and fresh views enrich the life of the student community. Here friendships are formed that last throughout life and connect continents.

11. Contribution to business development

The University provides the expertise to remove impediments to business growth. For example, the University helped Fudge manufacturer Fudge Kitchen to optimize retail sales, which has led to the growth of the turnover. Such cooperation is mutually beneficial company Fudge Kitchen have improved the profitability of the business, and in return are willing to create internship programs for University students.