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10 reasons to choose the University of Royal Holloway
10 reasons to choose the University of Royal Holloway
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10 reasons to choose the University of Royal Holloway

10 reasons for foreign students to choose study in University of Royal Holloway:

1. The British system of higher education: training Programs in the universities of the United Kingdom is always very intense and have a distinct specialization that makes them more short and profitable, relative to similar programmes in many other countries.

2. The University is part of the Association "University of London": after graduation Royal Holloway graduates receive a diploma of the University of London (University of London), which is recognized worldwide and opens to a former student the way to the most prestigious positions. University students at Royal Holloway have access to all the resources of the University of London located in Central London, which is traditionally open to all institutions belonging to the Association. The available services include library centers of the world level, professional advice on career development and a lively Student Union of the University of London, which regularly hosts various events.

3. The atmosphere on campus: the University is famous for its friendly and encouraging atmosphere, and the campus is equipped with the latest technology, is located in the beautiful countryside. The main attraction of the campus is situated in the very centre of the historical building of the "Founders building", copying the famous château de Chambord of the Loire valley.

4. Quality of research: University of Royal Holloway is one of the twenty best research universities in the United Kingdom. Thus, students can be assured that their training will meet the researchers who have received national and international recognition in their field.

5. The quality of teaching: the University boasts an outstanding quality of teaching (confirmed by the British state Agency for control over the quality of higher education). Especially highly marked was the quality of teaching of humanitarian and natural Sciences, and history and social Sciences. The staff of the relevant departments focus on ensuring that the learning process was informative and entertaining.

6. Professional advice on career issues: students of the University of Royal Holloway have access to the Central Careers Service, University of London, aiming to help students in identifying and achieving their career goals. The career service of the University actively cooperates with many British and international companies and organizes campus meetings with employers, to share experience with students and offer opportunities for employment.

7. A vibrant and diverse community: Today the University has more than 7,700 students who came to the UK from more than 120 countries, including 67 from Russia.

8. The abundance of social and cultural events: University of Royal Holloway offers students a number of opportunities to organize your own or just to participate in the prepared public and cultural events, in particular, a full and varied calendar of such events offers the Student Union of the University. And aspiring journalists to have a hand in the creation of student radio and magazine, has already received high praise from outside the University.

9. Support for foreign students: the University has a comprehensive support system for foreign students. It includes different topics from the help of academic Affairs, and linguistic support to healthcare and consulting psychologist. Each student also receives a Personal mentor from among the teachers of the Department.

10. Location: the Campus is located in a quiet and beautiful countryside of Surrey. The journey time by train to Central London, one of the busiest cities in the world, is only 40 minutes. Thus, training on the campus of the University of Royal Holloway allows students to enjoy the advantages of both urban and suburban life.

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The regional representative of the University, responsible for Russia is Niall Mullins, who usually visits Russia three times a year — in February, April and October — to participate in educational exhibitions and communication with future students. Ask questions directly Nyle, using the form to the right.