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A scholarship of £6 000 from the University of London Roehampton!
A scholarship of £6 000 from the University of London Roehampton!
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A scholarship of £6 000 from the University of London Roehampton!

University of Roehampton, the only campussy University of London, has announced 10 Scholarships for academic achievement of £6 000. The scholarship was established to attract talented foreign students in the framework of the internationalization of the University.

Who can get stipend: Foreign students to graduate programs and post-graduate teaching on campus (taught postgraduate programmes).

The size of these grants reduce the cost of training the 6,000 -£. The duration of scholarship is one year. This scholarship can be combined only Scholarship for achievements in sports and Scholarship of the University Roehampton for musical achievements. The right to use the scholarship cannot to be postponed to a later date. Students, to postpone its offer of enrollment, you must re-apply for the scholarship.

Applying for a scholarship: On the website in the form of application training students are required to tick the issue of participation in the competition for Scholarships for foreign students for the academic achievements (IES). Further, the applicant is required to write a proposal of 500 words which will contain:

— Confirmation of academic achievements;

— Confirmation of interest in a chosen subject;

— An explanation of how the student plans participate in and what contribution it will make to the community life of the University of Roehampton;

— An explanation of how this scholarship to improve the financial situation of the student.

Students selected to receive scholarships get information from University and will have to accept the offer in the course of a month. It is expected that students who accepted the offer will be "International ambassadors", who will need to provide information about yourself for publication at the international level and to participate in some activities of the University.

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